The Founding Fathers envisioned elected officials as part of a servant class, yet Washington, DC has evolved into a ruling class culture. Pensions for members of Congress represent an inappropriate use of taxpayer money, especially when the idea of a pension in the private sector is fast becoming a relic from a bygone era.  How can Congress make private-sector employees pony up taxes to fund pensions for members of Congress when few of these taxpayers enjoy such benefits? 

One of my priorities has been restoring accountability in Washington - this includes ending pensions for members of Congress.

That is why I introduced the End Pensions in Congress Act. This legislation will end pensions for all future Members of Congress and those not yet vested into the congressional retirement plan. 

I believe that Congress should abide by the laws they pass and not receive taxpayer-funded perks, I have declined my taxpayer-subsidized congressional pension and health care plans.

The End Pensions in Congress Act is part of a broader effort to reform our nation’s capital, as Congress must lead by example.

Media Coverage of the End Pensions in Congress Act

The Washington Times
It is part of reforming the nation’s capital, says Rep. Ron DeSantis. The Florida Republican has introduced the “End Pensions in Congress Act,” legislation that would end pensions for all future lawmakers and those not yet vested into the congressional retirement plan.
“I think this is a way for Congress to lead by example,” DeSantis tells WOKV News exclusively. He believes if Congress wants to reform other types of compensations systems for other government employees, they would have more “moral authority” if they are willing to “take the plunge first.” “In the private sector, the taxpayers who fund the government are not in a position to get pensions right now the way our economy has developed,” DeSantis says.  “I don’t think Congress should be given special benefits that the average citizen does not have.”
Ron DeSantis Looks to Pull the Plug on Congressional Pensions
Sunshine State News
A Florida congressman launched a bill this week to pull the plug on congressional pensions. U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., starting his second term in Congress, unveiled the End Pensions in Congress (EPIC) Act on Wednesday. DeSantis... insisted pensions are part of a culture that enables career politicians and not how public funds should be spent.