St. Augustine, FL – In light of the deal announced between the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the terrorist organization Hamas, Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06) has called for the House of Representatives to immediately pass his Palestinian Accountability Act.

“The alliance between the Palestinian Authority and the terrorist group Hamas is unacceptable,”? DeSantis said. “President Mahmoud Abbas has consistently and steadfastly refused to recognize Israel–s right to exist as a Jewish state and Hamas openly seeks Israel–s destruction.  The United States should not be pressuring the Israeli government into making concessions to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.  Rather than reward bad behavior with millions in foreign aid, Congress should send a clear message to the Palestinian Authority that the American people will withhold future support if they continue down this provocative path.”?

The Palestinian Accountability Act will withhold foreign aid from the Palestinian Authority until:

  • It recognizes Israel–s right to exist as a Jewish state.
  • Strongly and regularly condemns terrorism, while bringing terrorists to justice.
  • The Palestinian Authority excludes Hamas from government unless Hamas is publically held to the requirements of this bill.