Washington, DC – Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06) continues to take the lead on blocking illegal health care subsidies for Congress and their staffs and forcing the President and political elite to live under the health care reform law they support. Earlier this month, DeSantis introduced the James Madison Congressional Accountability Act, which will require that members of Congress, all congressional staff, the President, Vice President, and political appointees purchase their health insurance on the ObamaCare health care exchanges while explicitly limiting subsidies to those available to the public at large.

Today, DeSantis announced that once again he intends on offering an amendment identical to the James Madison Congressional Accountability Act to any future Continuing Resolution (CR) considered by the House of Representatives.   DeSantis is working alongside Sen. David Vitter (LA) who introduced a companion amendment in the Senate to ensure that Members of Congress are not exempt from the financial burdens of ObamaCare. The James Madison Congressional Accountability Act currently has 31 cosponsors and was offered as an amendment to H.J.Res. 59 last week.

“Millions of Americans will lose their health care coverage under ObamaCare and be forced into the health care exchanges without any tax-excludable employer subsidies,” DeSantis said. “Yet Members of Congress, their staffs, and the political elite were able to engineer a special, illegal deal that will effectively relieve them of the burdens faced by millions of our fellow citizens. Americans expect Washington insiders to play by the same rules as the rest of the country. That is why I submitted an amendment to the CR to block these illegal subsidies for Congress and I will keep offering it until we get a vote.”

“There’s clear momentum building to force Washington to live under its own laws, and we can make sure that happens by adding our legislation to end the Obamacare exemption for Congress to the CR,” Vitter said. “Congressman Ron DeSantis has been a real leader on this issue, and I’m encouraged to see so much support growing in the House.”

The James Madison Congressional Accountability Act was introduced at a joint press conference with Sen. Vitter and  is part of an ongoing effort by DeSantis to restore the founding principles of representative government to Washington, DC. DeSantis previously proposed a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution that will ensure Congress is held accountable for the laws they pass.