Washington, D.C. – Rep. DeSantis today issued the following statement about his vote for No Budget, No Pay:

“I campaigned in favor of No Budget, No Pay and today I voted in favor of H.R. 325, which requires both Chambers to pass a budget by the April 15th deadline or else Members’ salaries will be withheld. I support No Budget, No Pay because I do not believe that Representatives and Senators should get paid if they fail to do their jobs. It is unconscionable that the Senate has repeatedly violated the law by flagrantly failing to pass a budget in more than 1,360 days. The Senate needs to produce a budget so that the American people can see how their elected leaders plan to spend taxpayers’ hard earned dollars. I know of no other employer that will pay employees for refusing to do their jobs, and the American people should insist that their elected leaders fulfill their statutory duties. I also stated during the campaign that I would oppose all suspensions of the debt limit unless accompanied by substantive reforms. Given the emphasis I placed on No Budget, No Pay during the campaign I believe that this long-needed reform meets that test.” 

Last week, Rep. DeSantis joined the bi-partisan Fix Congress Now Caucus, which advocates for measures that hold Congress accountable, including No Budget, No Pay. View Rep. DeSantis’ letter to the editor in support of No Budget, No Pay here: Time for Congress to do its job.