Washington, DC ’ Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06) today introduced the No Exemption for Washington from ObamaCare Act. The No Exemption for Washington from ObamaCare Act will require members of Congress and congressional staff to abide by the terms of ObamaCare and discontinues taxpayer subsidies that were engineered by an Obama administration rule but which are not authorized by the law.

“While millions of Americans are struggling to pay their rising insurance premiums, members of Congress receive an illegal subsidy to soften the blow of the high costs of ObamaCare,”? DeSantis said. “This scheme allows members of Congress to get lucrative subsidies through the D.C. Small Business exchange, which is limited by the law to businesses with fewer than 50 employees and is not, by the terms of the law, available to Congress, which has thousands of employees.  Congress should abide by the laws that they pass and reject special perks not available to their constituents. Members of Congress should not be given special relief from the harmful effects of ObamaCare.”?

DeSantis has been leading the charge to end these illegal ObamaCare subsidies since 2013.