Washington, DC Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL-06) issued the following statement regarding his vote for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act conference report:

“Even as the economy has experienced recent improvements, too many middle-income families are having difficulty making ends meet and this tax bill will provide much needed relief to them. By lowering tax rates, increasing the standard deduction and doubling the child credit, middle-income Florida families will see their federal income taxes reduced by a significant percentage. Moreover, the bill recognizes that America’s business tax structure is antiquated and harms America’s competitiveness. The reforms included in the bill — the dramatically lower tax rate, the full expensing of capital investments, and the move to a territorial tax system (paving the way for profits earned overseas to be brought back to the U.S.) — will better enable American companies to compete with foreign businesses and will help to stem the tide of companies and jobs going overseas. The conference report represents an improvement over both the House and Senate bills and I look forward to it being signed into law very soon.”