Washington, DC – Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06), Chairman of the Subcommittee on National Security, sent a letter today to Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter demanding answers in response to allegations that United States troops are discouraged from reporting the rape and abuse of children at the hands of our Afghan allies. The letter can be found here. DeSantis issued the following statement:

“Recent media reports claim that our military commanders in Afghanistan have instructed troops to look the other way should they witness crimes against children, including sexual assault and rape, occurring at the hands of our Afghan allies. These allegations are horrific, and if true, absolutely indefensible. ”˜Cultural considerations– should not overrule the importance of defending the human rights of the most vulnerable. I have asked Secretary Carter to detail for Congress exactly where Pentagon policy and enforcement on this issue stands, and he needs to respond promptly. This sad situation requires swift accountability.”?