Washington, DC – Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06), Chairman of the Subcommittee on National Security and a Naval Reserve Officer, will be leading Members of Congress who served on active duty in either Iraq or Afghanistan in a Special Order on the House floor tonight in opposition to the Obama administration–s pending deal with Iran. The Special Order will begin at approximately 8:00 PM. DeSantis issued the following statement:

"President Obama has said that criticism of the Iran nuclear framework ”˜needs to stop,– but I believe it is important to highlight the framework–s deficiencies for the American people.  It bestows international legitimacy on Iran–s nuclear program, provides the Iranian regime a huge infusion of cash that will allow Iran to foment terrorism abroad, and incentivizes other Middle Eastern nations to engage in a dangerous nuclear arms race in what is already an extremely volatile region.  This cannot be permitted.  I look forward to joining my colleagues on the House floor this evening to discuss this critical national security issue.”?