Following an overseas trip to Israel last week where he met with top government officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, House Oversight National Security Subcommittee Chairman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) released the following statement:

"The presidential waiver under the Jerusalem Embassy Act expires in a couple of months and I do not believe that President Trump will issue another waiver.  Therefore, just as Israelis are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem Day, the law will kick in and require that the American embassy be relocated to Jerusalem. Since both the National Security Subcommittee and the full committee have been active on embassy issues, it was important for me to visit the prospective sites for the new embassy and to review the logistics that such a relocation will entail. 

"I am thankful for members of the U.S. State Department for arranging a tour of the sites and for giving the staff and me a thorough briefing. I also appreciated speaking with Prime Minister Netanyahu, members of Knesset, and other Israeli leaders about this pending move and how it will strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship."

DeSantis and Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely


Chairman DeSantis' visit to Israel took place March 4 - March 6, 2017. He also visited the current U.S. embassy and four potential embassy relocation sites.