Washington, DC – Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-06) issued the following statement regarding the assertion by President Barack Obama on the Daily Show that the true IRS scandal is the poor funding they receive from Congress:

"President Obama wants to spend more taxpayer dollars on the IRS bureaucracy and believes that a supposed lack of funding for the agency is a bigger scandal than the fact that IRS personnel destroyed hundreds of backup tapes that were under congressional subpoena, failed to produce relevant emails in the custody of the government, and provided false testimony to Congress.  Americans are sick of seeing people in government live under a different set of rules as the rest of the country.  If a taxpayer subject to an IRS audit behaved the way the IRS has regarding the congressional investigation, the taxpayer would likely be in jail.  The real scandal is not a lack of congressional pork, but rather the fact that the IRS abused its authority and has obstructed the congressional investigation at every step of the way."