Washington, DC ’ Rep. Ron DeSantis reintroduced the End Pensions in Congress (EPIC) Act today. This legislation would end pensions for all future Members of Congress as well as those currently serving who are not yet vested into the congressional retirement plan.  DeSantis declined his pension when taking office, but believes pensions need to be discontinued across-the-board.

“Taxpayer-funded pensions for members of Congress are a relic of a bygone era and constitute a waste of taxpayer funds,”? DeSantis said. “Taxpayer-funded pensions promote careerism in Congress and shield retired members of Congress from living and working under the laws that they pass.  Ending pensions for members of Congress will help reform the culture of Washington and will help to drain the swamp.”?

Holding Congress accountable to the American people has been a top priority for DeSantis. On January 3, 2017 DeSantis and Sen. Ted Cruz introduced a constitutional amendment to limit the number of terms that members of Congress may serve.