Today Rep. Ron DeSantis voted against the bill to expand the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIB) borrowing limit.  The legislation would add an additional $9.7 billion dollars to the national debt.  Rep. DeSantis stated the following about his vote:

 “I sympathize with the victims of Hurricane Sandy and believe that those who purchased flood insurance should have their claims paid.  At the same time, allowing the program to increase its debt by another $9.7 billion with no plan to offset the spending with cuts elsewhere is not fiscally responsible.”

"Congress should not authorize billions in new borrowing without offsetting expenditures in other areas.  If a family maxes out its credit cards and faces the need for new spending, it is forced to prioritize by reducing its spending in other areas.  Here, Congress has failed even to attempt to identify reductions in nonessential spending.  This 'put it on the credit card mentality' is part of the reason we find ourselves nearly $17 trillion in debt.  Indeed, the Senate passed legislation that went in the opposite direction by stuffing a bill designed to aid storm victims on the northeast corridor with money for such extraneous matters as fisheries in Alaska.  The storm occurred more than two months ago and it is sad that Congress has not used that time to find room in the budget for needed disaster relief.”