If you want wholesale change in Washington, congressional term limits are the only way to achieve it. Term limits for members of Congress will change the prevailing Beltway power structure, realign incentives for members of Congress and bring accountability to Washington, DC. 

Americans of all political background overwhelmingly support term limits. Congressman DeSantis introduced H.J.Res. 6 in order to make term limits a reality; this is the exact same proposal that President-elect Trump proposed when he called for "draining the swamp."

If adopted, under Congressman DeSantis' term limits amendment, members of the House could serve no more than three terms and Senators no more than two.  This is a vital reform that will encourage turnover in Washington and restore the citizen-legislator ethos of our Founding Fathers.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Congressman DeSantis wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post outlining why term limits are a vital step towards restoring accountability on Capitol Hill. Read it here